What is a Fisher wood burning stove worth?


Fisher wood stoves are cooking stoves that were made by Bob Fisher in the 1970's. You can get one online for about 750 pounds since they are no longer manufactured.
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A Fisher Baby Bear is worth between $300-700, depending on condition. They are excellent wood stoves.
1. Examine the front doors of the wood stove. An authentic Fisher wood stove will have the name "Fisher" on the front door, as Bob Fisher personally constructed each set
Fisher Baby Bear Wood Stove Overall dimensions 30" L X 16" W X 29" H (from hearth to end of out pipe) firebox dimensions 20" X 15" report this answer. Updated
Well.since they were designed without afterburners.they are less than legal. When that became a requirement, the old man stopped making them. That being said, they are wonderful combustion
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Wood stoves are one way to supplement heat in a home. They used to be a standard form of heat as well as being used for cooking. The Fisher Baby Bear wood stove was one of a series of wood stoves produced by the Fisher company, including the Mama Bear, Papa Bear, as well as the Grandma and Grandpa Bear stoves. The Baby Bear was the small stove produced by the company. The stoves are no longer being made, and are only available for purchase from individuals.
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