Five Characteristics of Living Things?


All living things have a variety of characteristics that define them as living matter. A few of the five characteristics of a living thing include being able to grow and develop as well as reproduce. A living thing is capable of producing energy, is made of cells and has the ability to move.
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There are six. A living thing must grow and develop. A living thing must use energy. A living thing must have cells. A living thing must reproduce. A living thing must be composed
They are (1)made of cells, (2)obtain and use energy, (3)move, (4)gr...
All living things are made up of cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of life. They are made of living material separated by a cell wall, or barrier, and are so small you can
1) they breathe & respire. 2) they perform the functions of nutrition, transportation,excretion. 3) they need food, air, water & warmth to survive. 4) they respond to changes
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The characteristics of living things are growth, organization (composed of cells), metabolism, homeostasis, reponse to stimuli, reproduction and adaptation.
Non-living things may display one or a few of these characteristics, but life displays all of these characteristics.
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All living things have certain characteristics in common. The 9 characteristics of living things are movement, response to stimuli, exchange of gases, reproduction ...
The following are the characteristics of living things: they are all comprised of one or more units known as cells; they reproduce sexually or asexually and they ...
Living things can be single-cell organisms or multi-cell organisms. There are six characteristics that help to decide if something is a living organism or not. ...
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