What is the value of a 2000 $5 Liberty gold coin?


Depending on the year of the five-dollar liberty gold coin, it can be worth anywhere from $410 to several thousand dollars. If it has never been in circulation, its value may be up by several hundred dollars.
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if it's in nice condition, as in you can't see anything wrong with it, probably just under $400. If it's mint mark underneath the eagle on the back is CC, then it's probably double
1. Do your market research. Unlike bullion coins like Krugerrands that are valued mainly for their gold content, Liberty coins are collectibles and most of their value rests in their
Determine value from Ebay
Sorry no 1920 US dollar coin.
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As of January 2013 the value of a Liberty five dollar gold coin is at least $400.00 due to its 1/4 ounce weight. The Liberty gold coins were produced from 1839 until 1908. The exact value will depend on the rarity of the coin, condition of the coin and current market value of the gold.
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