Five Point Star Tattoo Meaning?


5 Point start tattoos can be used with a variety of different meanings. They could be used to signify the devil. They could also signify the morning star.
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According to the website Vanishing Tattoo, a star tattoo can have five, six or nine points, but five-pointed stars are the most popular. Star tattoos can symbolize light dwelling
Star light, what does it mean tonight! First off which 5 pointed. star do you speak of? If it is the common nautical star with the lines inside spreading radially out to separate
There isn't a specific meaning for stars to have. They can resemble anything. They can mean whatever it is that you want it too. So if you are considering getting some tattoos that
If you're talking about a Pentacle star, either way round, it symbolises Paganism/Wicca, worshipping mother nature, and protection, NOT Satanism, contrary to popular belief. A star
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Like most number eight designs, the eight pointed star tattoo refers to completion. (Other famous eight designs are Roman based architecture with eight columns ...
A five point star tattoo may be a choice some make for a tattoo. This star may have a personal meaning to the recipient. They may just like the artwork of this ...
The five pointed star, also known as a pentagram has symbolic connotations in various cultures such as especially faith. Wiccans and Christians wear it to represent ...
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