How do you fix a broken bird wing?


To fix a broken bird wing first wash with anti-bacterial soap and water. If any bleeding dab a little cornstarch to control. If there is any signs of infection take the bird to a veterinarian. Wrap a 12 inch strip of veterinarian bandaging tape around the broken wing. Leave the bandage on for 2 to 4 weeks making sure it is not too tight for the bird.
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1. Place the bird in a cage or carrier. Use a net to catch the bird if it tries to run away. Take the bird to an enclosed and quiet area. 2. Remove the bird from the cage and check
It is nearly impossible for a novice to properly repair a birds broken wing. Best to take the bird to a vet. Trying to do this yourself will cause the bird excessive pain and suffering
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To mend a broken bird's wing, start by immobilising the broken wing with gauze tape. Wrap this tape around the bird, keeping the wing against the bird's body while ...
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