Fix a Dripping Shower Head?


To fix a shower head drip first you must turn off the water supply. Remove the manifold and remove the guts of the faucet. Take the part to a local hardware store and get replacement parts.
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1. Turn off the water supply to the shower, using the house's main water shut-off valve. Turn on another faucet to bleed out any water left in the pipes. 2. Use a pocket knife to
turn the water supply off.. then go into the device called the diverter.. and you will find rubber cups that the handle rest on . and replace the rubber.. there is a screw on top
It depends where it is dripping from and why it is dripping. If it is an older faucet then a replacement kit for the guts might be in order. If it is dripping from the joints, then
Replace the old cartridge with an identical new one. In this article, we'll focus on fixing a cartridge-style faucet. Cartridge valves have a single handle and operate when the cartridge
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How to Fix a Shower Head Drip
Shower heads may drip as a result of leaks within the head or pipe. Repair the drip and lower bills with help from an experienced contractor in this free video.... More »
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