Fix Brassy Highlights?


Fixing brassy highlights would depend on what color your hair is. If you have a lighter brown shade of hair you could apply a blond toner to the highlights. The key is to use a color as close to your hair color as possible to cover them.
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1. Use a purple- or blue-based color-enhanced shampoo and conditioner to tone down the brassiness. Avoid overwashing your hair, and leave your conditioner on your head for about 20
The best way to get lessen the damage of brassy highlights is to use a ash toner. Follow the instructions on the bottle, they are usually brand specific. report this answer. Updated
Hair toner will clear that right up. Most drug stores have toners for cheap. It will be a blue'ish hue and will counteract that brassyness! New girls use them all the time in the
1. Condition your hair regularly. This will make it softer and help the dye fade. Plus, conditioning your hair eliminates tangles and split ends! Ad. 2. Use a blue or purple shampoo
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How to Fix Brassy Highlights
Sun-kissed highlights are a sign of carefree summers and time outdoors. But the effects on your natural or color-treated hair can be brutal. Brassy highlights and yellow streaks are frequent consequences to highlighting or spending too much time... More »
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Use toner or glaze, add lowlights and change shampoo to fix overly brassy hair highlights at home. Got Beauty also recommends changing colors gradually and staying ...
The best way to tone down brassy highlights is to use a toner. A toner will help to take out the brassiness. Sally's Beauty Supply is a beauty store that sells ...
A person can fix brassy hair color by utilizing blue shampoo. Ash toner can also be utilized to fix the brassy hair color. ...
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