How to Fix an Oil Leak in a Car?


To fix an oil leak in your car, the first thing you should do is to determine the source of the leak. The problem area for this maybe on the engine, oil filler, or oil pan gasket. Sometimes, simply tightening the drain plug or the engine's oil filter can solve this problem.
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1. Place your car up on an elevated ramp so you can check under the car for the oil leak source. Let your motor cool down before doing any inspecting under the hood. 2. Look under
depending on where the oil is leaking from. sump gasket? rocker cover gasket? hoses? castings?
Start under the hood. Generally speaking, higher mileage engines
First get a thread and wrap around the bolt then tight the bolt with full power you will see oil will stop
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How to Fix an Oil Leak in a Car
An oil leak is one of the most typical things to go wrong with a car. It’s also a challenge sometimes finding where the leak is coming from. Once you find the leak, getting it fixed can mean either taking a trip to your mechanic to "burn a hole in... More »
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