How to Fix a Record Player?


How to fix a record player can vary greatly. It would depend on exactly what is wrong with the record player. For example if the needle is damaged or broken, fixing it could be done by replacing the needle.
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1. Turn off and unplug the record player. Visually inspect the record player for signs of damage. Look for chips, dents and missing or broken parts. Compare them to a photograph or
The record player was invented in 1870. In the beginning it had other names such as phonograph or gramophone. The use of the record player was how people listened to their LP's.
1. Click on "Start" and press "Run. 2. Type in "cmd" and press "Enter. 3. Type in "chkdsk x: /f" and press "Enter, where "x"
1. Begin with the basics. Insert a store-bought CD into your Aiwa CD player and press "Play; sometimes copied CDs will not work on certain Aiwa models, and this could be the
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How to Fix Record Players
Fixing record players requires mechanical and electrical knowledge. Record players function on the basic principles of physics and geometry. The turntable rotates the record at a set speed. The needle reads the vibrations the groove produces, and this... More »
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