How to Fix Dry Hair?


Dry hair can be fixed many different ways. The best option would be to visit your local hair salon and ask for a dry hair treatment. Avoid dying your hair, or blow drying/straightening it. This will only further it's dryness. Another great way to moisturizer hair is to buy shampoo from Herbal Essences called 'For Dry Hair.'
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1. Create a nail bleach by mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a small plastic bowl. 2. Mix the ingredients until they form a sticky paste. 3. Use a cotton swab to extract
1. Wash your hands. Ad. 2. Apply olive oil to your nails. This will harden them. 3. Wash your hands. 4. Apply a little garlic juice. This will also harden them. 5. Wash your hands
1. Make sure your haircut has many layers throughout. Layers can add a lot of texture to flat hair and look incredible with fine short hair. 2. Wash your hair using a voluminizing
The leading causes of dry hair are heat styling, chemical processing and environmental factors like sun and wind exposure. Your daily hair-care regime may also contribute to brittle
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