Fixed and Movable Pulley?


In a fixed pulley, the load is on one end of the rope wherein the pulley is attached to a structure. In a movable pulley, the load is supported by both ends of the rope.
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Fixed pulleys have their center point fixed. i.e. they can only have rotary motion and no linear movement. Movable pulleys do not have their center point fixed, and are free to have
1. Suspend one grooved wheel from an unmovable fixture - a stair rail or a tree branch, for example - by using twine to tie its hook to the fixture. 2. Cut a piece of twine to the
For the purpose of analysis the movable load can be treated as the anchor, and the anchor as the movable load, and the analysis works out the same.
When you combined two pulleys, you get a
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An example of a compound pulley would be a hoist. A compound pulley is a type of pulley system that uses both fixed and movable pulley systems, creating a clock ...
A compound pulley is a set of pulley machines made of a fixed and a movable pulley. The pulleys work by a mechanism composed of a wheel on an axle and are linked ...
Combined pulleysuse both movable and fixed pulleys at the same time. The advantage is several pulleye can be used at the same time and the mass needed to lift ...
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