How do you dress to hide a flabby tummy?


To dress your flabby tummy is a matter of wearing the right clothing. If you are a man it may be difficult, but an outside sport shirt that does not cling will help. A woman has girdles, stretch underwear, long tunic tops and many options in clothing to choose from. Of course we would all like to have the perfect body, but you can dress to look better even with a flabby tummy.
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1. Wear a ruched top (little folds on and around the belly area) as this will hide the belly making it appear flat. 2. Wear a blouse or top that scoops down and gently covers the
You didn't get it in a week, you will not get rid of it in a week. Good exercise and healthy diet will go a long way to help.
Eat less, exercise more. Sit ups can be helpful if you insist on doing it.
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