What Is the Best Way to Get the Restrainer Achievement on "Flight Control" for the iPod?


1. Launch "Flight Control. 2. Select a large map, such as the third. Larger maps give you extra room to maneuver your aircraft, reducing the chances of a collision. 3. Direct the initial aircraft away from the edges of the screen. New aircraft always
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The Galactica was about to be retired from active service and was returning to one of the 12 planets when the Cylons attacted. The pod was to host a museum about the first Cylon war
Even the cellular requirement comes from the FCC and not the FAA - a cell phone moving at a high speed in air jumps from tower to tower causing a storm of registration events. http:
If you turn on airplane mode, the wireless features of iPhone are disabled, and if allowed by the aircraft operator and applicable laws and regulations, you can continue to use the
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1. Bring an MP3 Player/iPod with you to listen to some music. Usually the music the flight offers isn't so good. 2. Bring a book and/or a magazine. Flying gives ...
IPods can be used on a plane but only after it has been announced by the flight attendants. This is often after the flight has attained over 10,000 feet in altitude ...
Electronic equipment that can be carried as hand baggage includes mobile phones, laptops digital cameras and MP3 players (such as I-Pods). ...
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