How do I flirt with a girl on the phone?


To successfully flirt with a girl on the phone, be charming, witty, attentive and flattering. describes flirting as acting amorously with intention or playing at love. To win the hearts of any love interests, compliment them and tell them why they caught your attention. Being genuine is generally appreciated by others, whether it turns out favorably or not.

It is important to share details about your life and interests to gauge if you are a good match with a love interest, according to If there are shared interests, the pair could plan a potential future date. Talking about the future and various goals is a good strategy to see how the relationship may work in a long-term situation. Getting an idea of family history and dynamics will also give insight into compatibility. Use terms of endearment as a way to please a girl while on the phone. MensXP encourages men to use these in sentences often to win the heart of a crush. Do not overdo the sweet talk because it may seem tasteless to the girl. recommends that conversations be kept brief so as not to appear overzealous. Save in-depth discussions for face-to-face conversations or a later time

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1. Use your position to your advantage without mistaking it for a shield. Because you already have access to each other's phone numbers, it takes some pressure off the situation.
1 Come up with a topic. This will give you ammunition to flirt with a them. But you should keep in mind that when you give a topic it should be not boring. Give a topic that will
Ok what you need to understand when flirting is the concept behind it and the concept is FUN. So basically if flirting over the phone or in real life you can always say "so tell
Listen to the things she says, talk about things that interest her, tease her
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Tips on Phone Flirting
The phone is a wonderful way to communicate, especially flirting. It takes the tension out of face-to-face contact and even hides a blush or two. Phone flirting is not that different from face-to-face flirting, although the person on the other end of the... More »
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