How to Flirt with a Girl on the Phone?


Flirting is a state of behaving adoringly without serious intent and it can be done on the phone. To flirt with a girl on the phone, one has to whisper compliments throughout the conversation so as to keep the girl interested. Then, find out her favourite song during conversations and use it as background music. Finally, comment on your wish to see her in person.
Q&A Related to "How to Flirt with a Girl on the Phone"
1. Use your position to your advantage without mistaking it for a shield. Because you already have access to each other's phone numbers, it takes some pressure off the situation.
1. Don't be afraid to reintroduce yourself. You see women will most likely forget the people they met in the club or party they attend. If you have her number, it means you might
Gemini's can flirt with anyone on the phone. They're flirt material. But if you're really insecure, ask them what starsign they are, and if they say they are Gemini, don't be taken
Flirting on the phone is lies flirting in person. Use a flirty voice to tease and act
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