How to Calculate Floor Area Ratio?


In order to calculate the floor area ratio, one must be sure of the size of the area and the amounts of coverings on the plot. The formula to find the floor area ratio is: floor area ratio = (covered plot)/(area of plot). It is often used by businessmen who want to own property or construction workers to ensure accurate readings when building.
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1. Calculate the area, in square feet, of the building. For each floor in the building, multiply the length, in feet, of the building by the width. Add these together to get the area
Arithmetic relationship of the total square feet of a building to the square footage of the land area:
Answer FAR=Total floor area of building / Total lot area
FAR is used primarily as a city planning tool to control densities. This may be done to preserve the value of land, limit stress on infrastructure or services, preserve to style and
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