How to Tie a Flounder Rig?


A rig is important in fishing, and there are different ones for different types of fishing. A flounder rig is based on the principal of the versatile bottom rig, and the spreader bottom rig. To tie a flounder rig, you need step-by-step instructions that include a list of materials you will need.
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1. Place a weight slide on the end of your fishing line. Slide a bead on the line below the weight slide. 2. Tie a barrel swivel onto the end of the fishing line with a uni knot.
Actually we walk the 'flats' dragging the boat with a rope looped around our waists. Lights rigged, at night. Don't tell fish and game!
13 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 4 Aug 2005Good for flounder, blues, trout, and croaker. I first tie about 3' 25# .... Also to save money and time i dont tie any swivels on my rigs
I tie them just like a "spec-rig" out of the package . I do however , use a slightly heavier jig head for the front , just like a tandem trolling rig for trophy stripers
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Nice fish flounders. You catch them and I'll throw the grill out and we can cook until we are full! Oh, you need the rigs. I have not forgotten. For more information ...
The best time to gig flounder is after a cold front has come through. Gigging is a fast and effective method for obtaining flounder. A flounder is a flat fish ...
Fluke and flounder fishing are two of the most popular types of recreational fishing prizes. In order to catch fluke and flounder, it is important to use good ...
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