Flowers That Start with the Letter P?


There are numerous flowers that start with the letter P. Some of these are poppy, primrose, pansy, peony, parrot's feather, parsley pheasant's eye, pick-a-back plant, pickerelweed, pigmy weed, pignut, pigweed, phacelia, pheasant's eye, pick-a-back plant, pickerelweed just to name a few.
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Poppy. Phlox. Peony.
Flowers:Pansy, petunia, phlox, polyanthus, peony,
many many many. primrose. poppy. phlox. pansies. passion flower. periwinkle. primula. platycodon (very pretty star like blue flowers) and my favourite simply due to their place in
Pansies, petunia, parakeet flower, phlox, parma violet, polyanthus, passion flower, purple flower jacaranda, pasque-flower, purple velvet plant, peony, purple toadflax, periwinkle
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