Flowers That Start with the Letter R?


Roses are the most obvious of the flowers that start with the letter R. Other flowers that start with the letter R include: Rhododendrons, Ragwort, Rockfoil, Rehmannia, Ragged Robin, Royal Water Lily, Roselle, Rain Lily, Ranunculus, Rue, Rosemary, Rhannus, Rhus, Ribes, Robinia, Rodgersia, Rosa, Rosmarinus, Rudbeckia, Ruta. By definition a flower is a seed bearing plant that has reproductive organs that are usually surrounded by a brightly colored corolla and a green calyx and many times have a stalk.
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a rose that is red and a flower.
Rhododendrons. Ragged Robin. Ragwort. Royal Water Lily. Rockfoil. Roselle. Rain Lily. Rehmannia. Roses.
According to wolframalpha, it would be 5567.
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