What kinds of flowers keep squirrels away?


There are quite a few flowers that can help keep squirrels away. You could keep squirrels away by planting flowers from the Fritillary genus. You could also use plants from the Galanthus genus. Or even plant Daffodils.
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Some people lay chicken wire over a garden containing bulbs for the fall and winter. Another possibility is bird netting held down with bricks, then covered with straw. Blood meal
1. Prevent squirrels from breaking into your bird feeders by eliminating the dropped seed. Add a tray to the bottom of the bird feeder, so that any seed the birds drop while eating
A survey found 13 home remedies that people have used to repel squirrels: Nutmeg and
The only repellant I can think of is red pepper extract. I've never used it so can't vouch for it, but it is the only one I've heard of being used. The best way to handle squirrels
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Flowers to Keep Squirrels Away
After going to all the work of planning, digging, planting and caring for your flowers, the last thing you want is to have them torn up by tree squirrels. Some flowers naturally repel these annoying critters, however. You can plant these... More »
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