Foil Highlights at Home?


In order to highlight dark brown hair at home with foil, you need to be very precise. You need to use just the right color. You also need to use just the right amount of coloring agent.
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1. Purchase a hair-dye kit in a color that's similar to your base hue. Keep the color within three shades of your base tone, otherwise it will look harsh and artificial. 2. Wash,
If you are at home, you can use regular household foil on your highlighted hair. But you should be careful as it could easily slip off your hair. Use Hair foil which gives better
1. First look through some magazines and find pictures of highlighted hair. Not all hair highlights are the same so keep your eyes peeled for bold streaks and subtle shading to see
1. Know the difference between highlights and lowlights. While applying them is essentially the same process, highlights are strips of hair that you dye a lighter color than your
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To put foil highlights in your hair at home, you'll need plenty of strips of foil. You should pick a good highlight kit that isn't too light for your hair. Fold ...
To highlight dark brown hair at home with foils, first mix the dye package. You can then apply the dye with a brush and wrap up sections in the foil. ...
A person can foil highlights and lowlights by choosing the appropriate shades for their base color. A person will then apply the dye with a brush and set the dye ...
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