Folk Dance Characteristics?


Folk dance is a type of dance that began before the twentieth century, usually in Europe. These dances have a particular historical importance to the region in which they originated. Folk dances are performed at social gatherings, and no formal background in dancing is required to perform them. All folk dances share some common characteristics; the steps performed in folk dances come from tradition, and they are taught by watching their performance, rather than by a dance teacher.
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Folk dance characteristics:differed from place to place. give pleasure to dancers and audiences.reflects cultures introduced by invaders and conquerors.provided socialization and
Folk dancing is dances that were used during a period, to recount a large amount of promenades that are inclined to share a variety of attributes. They are dances that are presented
If this is a homework question I wouldn't count on my answers. But it is interesting to me. I would assume that all folk dances are cultural expressions of the "story" within
There is only one truly crucial component in defining the folk hero, and that has to do with widespread recognition of the person as being heroic. Many people commit acts of kindness
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Many countries, including the Philippines, have ethnic or folk dances that are performed on special occasions. One characteristic of the Palok or the Lumagen dance ...
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