What are the types of folk dances for the Luzon?


The Ballangbang is a folk dance that the Applay, a sub-tribe of the Luzon do. It is done in celebration of victorious tribal war and headhunting expeditions. They use copper gongs called gangsa and strike them rhythmically while the women imitate the caribou or water buffalo. Kalinga or the Banga is used to entertain guests during feasts.
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or folk·dance ( fōk'dăns' ) n. A traditional dance originating among the common people of a nation or region. The music accompanying such a dance. A social gathering
1. National and Regional Dances. 2. Occupational Dances. 3. Religious and Ceremonial Dances. 4. Courtship Dances. [and] 5. Festival Dances.
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