Food Chain in the Sea?


At the bottom of the sea food chain are sea plants and plankton. Most types of fish and animals like the snail, jellyfish, shrimp, and sea star feed on the plankton. Small animals and fish that consume plankton become food for larger fish like the tuna and mackeral. These fish are also eaten by larger fish and animals like the shark and dolphin.
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In oceans, as on land, there is a natural interconnection of creatures that forms a kind of food chain. Diatoms are microscopic plants that make their own food from sunlight. Zooplankton
The food chain is a defined by the way all living things need to feed upon each other to survive. An example would be a rabbit eats grass to survive and a fox would eat a rabbit to
1. Sketch the design for your sea glass chain. Collect your sea glass. Wash the sea glass with soap and water. 2. Use a drill press and diamond drill bits to drill two holes in each
The sea lions are consumers, and would most likely be third
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The deep sea angler fish is also known as a monkfish or a goose fish. In terms of sea creatures, the deep sea angler fish is near the top of the food chain and ...
The sea turtle food chain consists of plankton, clams, whelk, loggerheads, sea turtles, and sharks. Plankton are microptic plant and animal organisms that are ...
in the food chain a sea anemone is a consumer because it eats alive organisms. An anemone is also a carnivore. ...
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