Food Containing Algae?


Some common examples of foods that contain algae as an ingredient are sour cream, chocolate, cheese and milk. Algae is also used to make liquids more stable such as in shakes and mayonnaise. Sushi roll is also made from algae and is known to be full of nutrients. Also, gelatin is a popular algae food made from agar.
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Sea weed. chocolate milk. peanut butter. yogurt. jello cups. ect. many of which are very common at a home. One way to see if your food contains seaweed is by seeing if it has any
Many common foods contain algae, such as salad dressings and ice cream. Algae can also be
I found this for you. Hope it helps. Algae & Sea Food. The oldest living animals come from the sea. The abundance of minerals found in the ocean are so important to good health
It's amazing how many foods do contain sulfites, glad to know I've had my fair share today, mmm. The list is long but some surprising food containing sulfites are beer, wine, jams
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