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A typical food cost formula used by restaurants is Food Cost % = (Beginning Inventory + Purchases ? Ending Inventory) / Food Sales. To calculate a day?s food cost, you take your beginning inventory, what you have in the morning, and add your purchases of the day to that. Then, you subtract your ending inventory, what you have left over at the end of the day at closing. This will give you approximately what you actually used that day. Then, you take that number, and divide by the amount of food sales you have in dollars. The end figure is your food cost percentage. If it is 25% then that means you spent .25 for every dollar you earned in food.
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This formula calculates food cost percentage taking in account your sales,
Cost Of Food. _ Food Sales. Cost of Food Divided by Food sales will give you a decimal amount which you can then convert to a percentage. example: $25,780 Cost of Food. Divided by
Glenn.. Our rule of thumb was that we always wanted our food cost to be 38% of the food sales or Less. Figuring and establishing Food Cost for each menu item is one of the most vital
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It is rather simple to calculate the food cost percentage. The formula is: portion cost divided by the menu/food cost multiplied by 100 percent. For example: It ...
food cost $3.36. food cost% 32. accompaniment garnish cost $ 2.40. Sales prise ? ...
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