Food Going down the Wrong Pipe?


When you eat something and experience food going down the wrong pipe, it is called pulmonary aspiration. It is the entry of food or drink from the oropharynx or gastrointestinal tract into the voice box and lower respiratory tract to the lungs. You may accidentally inhale the food, which may cause you to cough and gag. Most healthy people do not suffer disease of injury as a result of pulmonary aspiration. In severe cases, it can cause death if the airway is obstructed.
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There is a flap that connects the esophogus with the trachea. The flap opens when you breathe or talk. The flap closes when you swallow food. If you talk or breathe while you eat
Expression "food going down the wrong pipe" refers to food going
when you swallow something there's two pipes it could go down-the trachea(windpipe which leads to the lungs) or the oesophagus which leads to the stomach. the food is meant to go
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There is a flap that prevents foods from going down the wrong pipe. When you talk as you are swallowing it prevents the flap from closing. This is what causes ...
The structure that keeps food from going down the wrong pipe is the epiglottis. It is a flap made of cartilage tissue. It is attached to the front of the larynx. ...
Yes.Food can go down the wrong pipe like through the trachea to the lungs instead of down the esophagus to the stomach. When the food goes down the wrong pipe ...
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