How to Calculate Food Quantities?


There are a number of sites online that help you to calculate food quantities for a party. Some common servings are 6 ounces of meat per person, 2 rolls, 1 cup of a side dish and more.
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1. Consider a meat portion the size of a deck of playing cards after cooking. A fish serving would be equal to the size of a regular checkbook. One serving of peanut butter would
Quantity food production is the amount of food you consume each day.
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1. Look on the label to find out how many grams of each major type there is in the meal. 2. Multiply the number of grams by the number of calories for each type. Thus for instance
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How to Calculate Food Quantities
It is often difficult to calculate food quantities and serving portions. If the food comes prepackaged, the label will tell you the quantity of a single serving of food, along with how many servings are in the package. When cooking from scratch, the... More »
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