How to Locate a Food Stamp Office?


One's Food Stamp Office will vary depending on the state in which one resides. For example, if living in Florida one office is located at 52 E. Main Street in Apopka, FL 32703. To locate a specific Food Stamp Office, please call: 800-424-9121.
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1. Visit the USDA's Nutrition Assistance homepage (see Resources) Click on "More" next to "Applicants and Recipients. 2. Click on "How Do I Find a Local SNAP Office
Its in Adel,GA right beside fred's.
Wondering how to qualify for food stamps? The government has renamed the food stamp benefits program to "SNAP," which stands for "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Yeah, 650 North Main is Gateway Center, that abandoned-looking place that sits down from the roadway. It's across the street from the Main Street Deli-Mart.
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