Food to Put in a Mousetrap?


The most common food people think of to put in a mousetrap is cheese, and while cheese is a good choice there are other food items that work as bait as well. Chocolate, bread, meat, butter, oats and peanut butter are all good foods to use. With a spring loaded trap you will place the food on the tip of the trap and when the mouse touches the tip the bar swings down rapidly and with great force.
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Mice are drawn to the sweet fragrance of apples. Cut the apple slices into small pieces and place only one or two of the pieces directly on or in the trap. You must monitor and replace
The best thing to put in a mousetrap is peanut
because cheerios really are delicious and healthy for you! they are a great snack if you know how to eat them correctly! for more healthy tips on cheerios, go to
Peanut butter. We have tried it in the past, and it worked. Source(s): my advice
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