Food to Serve at a Baby Shower?


Today baby showers are versatile and offered at different times of the day. If you are having a morning shower you can have a breakfast buffet of eggs, sausage links, bacon, and hash brown style potatoes. A fruit platter and pastries round out the feast. An afternoon shower allows for a meat platter to make sandwiches from, dips, cheese and crackers, green salad, fruit salad, and desserts. If your shower is in the evening you can go simple with appetizers, snacks, dips, cheese, crackers, and a vegetable platter. Pasta with meatballs, garlic bread, and green salad is another easy yet filling idea. Have cake and desserts available. Make sure you have plenty of beverage options, make a fruit punch for something different.
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Convenient for the host to prepare and reminiscent of the delicacies that Victorian women made for expectant mothers during afternoon tea parties, finger foods can run the gamut from
anything you can think depending on the type of people you have invited.
Fresh fruit, vegetables, finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers
Most cheeses are fine - it's unpasteurized soft cheeses (like chevre, blue cheese, Brie) that need to be avoided unless they are cooked. Same thing with deli meats, they need to be
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Food to Serve at a Baby Shower
A baby shower can be an enjoyable way to shower an expectant mother with gifts for both her and the new baby. As the hostess, you also want to shower the guests with delicious food. Be sure to put some thought into a creative table filled with food to... More »
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