Foods Starting with U?


U is a letter that doesn't have many words in the English language. The foods that start with U are unagi, ube, udon and ulluco.
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Foods that start with the letter 'u' are: Udon noodle and Ugli fruit.
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Foods that begin with the letter U include the ugli fruit, udon and upside-down cake.
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Some foods that start with the letter U include the ugli fruit, upside down cake, udon noodles. Urchins and umeboshi plums also start with the letter U. ...
There are very few foods whose names begin with the letter U, some of which are udo, ugli fruit, udon noodles, ugali and umeboshi plums. Most of these food names ...
Candies are a sweet type of snack. They can either be hard candy, gummies or chocolate. Some candies that start with the letter U are U-No Bars, Orange Millions ...
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