Foods That Start with the Letter C?


Foods that start with the letter c include carrots, cabbage, candy, cranberries, crumpets, clam chowder, cookies, cake, crabapples, cherries, chestnuts, chicken, chili, calamari, calzone, cauliflower, celery, cereal, cheese, chives, coleslaw, crackers, and croutons. C is a popular letter for food items. Cucumbers, cream, croissants, chick peas, couscous, cornstarch, cornmeal, cornbread, cupcakes, corn, collards, coffee, cocoa, and chocolate are just a few more. You can add different kinds of cake, such as, coffee, cinnamon, or chocolate to make more foods that start with c.
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Wow, there's a lot! Cous-cous, Calizones, Carambola,
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Foods that begin with the letter C include the cabbage, cake, calamari, calzone, candy, caper, cardamom, carrot, cashew, cheese and corn.
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