For How Long Do We Elect the Representatives?


Each representative has a different term length. Supreme court justice appointments are for life, US Presidents have 4 year terms with 2 time limit, Senators have 6 year terms with no limit on reelection and Representative have 2 year terms with no limit. You can view the amendments to the constitution that stipulate term requirements
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im more asking about where in state governments are reresentatives elected. is it like 2 per county or district or 5 per city?
The representative election process begins when people who want to run get their name on the primary election ballot. To do this, a person either has to be a major representative
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We elect representatives for Congress every 2
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In the United States, representatives serve a 2 year long term. Though their term only last 2 years, there are no limits on how many terms a representative can serve. There are many people in the US who would like for the government to set term limits.
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US representatives are elected for a 2-year terms. ...
Both senators and representatives are chosen through direct election. ...
In the House of Representatives, there are 193 Democrats as of the 2010 elections. The Republicans are 242 making a total of 435 members in the House of Representatives ...
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