Ford Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting?


The Ford automatic transmission troubleshooting is easy to accomplish. You should allow the car to idle for a few minutes before engaging the drive gear. If this does not resolve the issue you should see a mechanic.
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1. Park your Ford vehicle on a level surface. Start your Ford and allow it to idle for two to three minutes. 2. Open the hood of your Ford and pull on the looped handle that sits
That would be a version of the A4LD automatic transmission.
common problem and transmission shops love it because the pump shaft splines sprip out and they tell you this trans hast to be rebuilt and screw you over pump shaft is $28.00 at transmission
You can buy rebuilt transmissions from local
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How to Troubleshoot a Ford Automatic Transmission
The automatic transmission in your Ford uses special transmission fluid that lubricates the planetary gears inside the transmission housing. These gears, if they are not properly lubricated, will grind and eventually fail. If you are having problems with... More »
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