How Do You Fix a Low Idle Problem on a Ford Explorer?


The idling problems of the Ford Explorer seem to be a common issue with people who own these Jeeps. Usually when a Jeep or any car idles it is most likely a fuel injection or filter problem. The only way to know for sure, however, is to take your car to your local car repair shop to properly diagnose and fix the problem.
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Ford Explorer Idle Problems
Often, idle problems on your Ford Explorer will be easy to diagnose and fix with the right information and tools on hand. If you have the time and the will to tackle the problem yourself, dedicate a weekend afternoon to doing so. You will learn more... More »
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It could be the IAC (idle air control) motor being dead. Labor and parts cost $250 out the door in the Bay Area of California.
1. Start and warm the engine to normal operating temperature according to the temperature gauge on the dash. This ensures the engine is in closed loop (computer is controlling based
Using the jack handle from the engine compartment. There will be a spot for it to fit into and then crank the spare down. To store the spare again, crank in the opposite direction
You can't just set the idle on a 94 Ford Explorer. Adjusting the idle
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The symptoms of a faulty idle air control valve on a 2001 Ford Explorer are it won't idle, it will idle too rough, it will idle too high, and it can cause overheating ...
One reason that your Ford Explorer may be idling rough for the first minutes once it is warmed up could be a vacuum leak. You may also want to try cleaning your ...
A ford explorer ideal of idles rough for the first few minutes if it is very cold. It takes a while for the oil to circulate through the engine parts. If it continues ...
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