How to Troubleshoot Starting Problems on a Ford Ranger?


Troubleshooting a starting problems with your Ford Ranger can be very frustrating. Your best bet is to find a service manual for the year you have. This will give you the best options in fixing the starting problems with your ford.
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1. Crank the engine. If the engine cranks faster than normal and won't start, then your starter is likely failing and requires replacement by a professional mechanic. 2. Check for
sounds like alternator. since you have continued driving, i would suspect that the battery may be damaged also. seems like the voltage regulator on the alternator is going out. since
no heat in 96 ford taraus,new thermostat,has coolant in it.
=time to take her in the back forty and putt her out of her misery and yours=
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Ford Ranger Electrical Problems
The Ford Ranger truck is noted as having electrical problems ever since its debut in 1983. Through the years of manufacture, many of those early Ranger models provided electrical concerns for the consumer. The 1999 Ford Ranger is reported as having the... More »
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