How do you wire a Ford starter solenoid?


In order to wire a Ford starter solenoid, you need to first disconnect the wires going to it. Next, you need to disconnect the battery. They are a kind of ballast resistor.
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1. Open the hood of the vehicle. 2. Locate the Ford starter solenoid on the right front fender well. It is conspicuous in appearance with two large threaded connections on either
%DETAILS% it is the wire that runs between your starter and your silenoid. your silenoid is generaly located on the inside fenderwall of our engine compartment. it is about 3"
. Here is your diagram. You can go to, register there for free, then view a full free online repair manual for your vehicles.
battery to solenoid on one side, solenoid to starter on the other side, the one small wire is for ignition, if your new solenoid has two places for the small wire, guess and check
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How to Wire a Ford Starter Solenoid
Ford motor company starter solenoids are electrical relays connecting the battery of the automobile to the starter motor of the engine. When the ignition switch of a Ford is turned to the start position, the flow of current energizes the solenoid. The... More »
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