How is right to start an ford escort TD 1997 engine Cold and Hot?


you have a diesel warming light on the dashboard display near the speedo,in the cold turn ignition on,let the warming light go out then count to ten,i have to do this twice to get mine to start on cold mornings,when engine is hot then just wait for
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The 49 Ford sedan probably weighs in around 3,800lbs. They are not as heavy as the full size late 50's and 60's cars. Very cool car though.
Could be a blocked fuel filter, but is most likely to be something related to the turbocharger. It could be that the turbocharger itself is faulty (has the car been regularly serviced
Assume you have the PATS system with the transponder pellet in the black key? If yes, I have researched this thoroughly for one of my cars, and there is no easy bypass. Do you have
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The LED on the clock always flashes when the key's out to show the immobiliser is armed. There are two types of key used, with different programming methods. One ...
with the bonnet open. you will see four pipes going to the injectors. using a 17mil spenner undo the top of injector, ( the one nearst the the timing belt ) bout ...
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