Which Fuse Is for the Radio in a Ford Windstar?


The Ford Windstar fuse panel experiences drivability issues. This is because water may enter the powertrain control module (PCM) or tans-axle vent. The truck experiences various diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), harsh or delayed transmission shifts/engagements, no reverse engagement, engine overheat, engine lean condition causing a misfire (possibly leading to melted electrodes on the spark plugs) and roughly idle.
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There are really only 2 electrical components to the heating system: Blower motor Temperature blend door actuator From the Windstar OWNERS MANUAL... 1995-1998 Heater control switch
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There is no vacuum on the cruise for the Windstar. It is an all electric unit.
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Which fuse is for the radio in a Ford Windstar will depend on the year of the vehicle. The owner's manual for the Ford Windstar will have a diagram of the fuse box with the correct location of the radio fuse.
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