Formal Dinner Invitation Wording?


One example of formal dinner invitation wording would be, 'Please join us at home for drinks, dinner, and music to celebrate my successful audition with the Indiana Players Club on Saturday, the 8th of December at two 0?clock pm, Jim and Jenny Jones.' Another example would be, 'A day under the bridge, please join us for cocktails, dinner, and games, Friday, the thirty first of January at three o?clock at the Old Guys Rule Bridge Club Tampa, Florida, Miles and Millie Rivers.' Yet another example would be, 'Mr. and Mrs. Stephen King request the pleasure of your company on Saturday, the tenth of October at ten o?clock in the morning at the Holiday Inn Express Mobile, Alabama.'
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1. Write a message on the front of the plain white folded card. Chose a message that explains the reason for the dinner party. For example: "Join us to help celebrate Ron's promotion
In French, this is 'un banquet'
Dinner parties are great fun. They offer a chance to get out and interact with your friends and loved ones, meet new people and of course try delicious new food. When you are invited
I have to admit to not being familiar with European culture or etiquette, but think a 'soft' mention of money should do the trick. In your place, I'd probably say something like.
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