What are formal and informal communication channels?


In regards to formal and informal communication channels, many people in today's day and age find themselves wondering exactly what these terms mean. The term informal communication network commonly refers to a group of people that form naturally and without guidance. Some examples of an informal network are parents who all have children in the same classroom, neighbors, or friends that share the same hobbies. A formal network is not formed naturally and is typically created by a business, such as a group of people that form a management team.
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What are formal communication channels? formal communication channels-that flows within the chain of command or task responsibility defined by the organisation. 1. VERTICAL COMMUNITION
Informal can be more personalized. You can can get more into feelings, thoughts and ideas and employ the dual perspective in your conversation. This type of communication is a two
Formal communication networks are
Formal communications follow standard procedures and are usually part of regular reporting cycles. In general, they are "on the record" and done officially within the context
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