Formula for Cubic Yards to Tons?


The formula for cubic yards to tons is that in most cases 1 cubic yard is equal to 1.34 tons. In order to complete the equation, one would need to take the total amount of cubic yards and then proceed to multiply by 1.34. While this is the typical mathematical equation, it must be noted that different substances will be equal to a different weight. For example, topsoil is equal to1.0 tons, while limestone is equal to 1.4 tons.
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Since a cubic yard is a measurement of volume and a ton is a measurement of weight, it would depend on what substance you had a ton of. For example, some sands have a density of 100
1. Multiply volume by "81" to convert to cubic feet. For instance, if you have 10 cubic yards of concrete: 10 * 81. = 810 cubic feet. 2. Multiply your answer by density
You can't convert cubic yards into tons. Cubic yards is an expression of volume and tons is an expression of mass. They're two different things.
Approximately, plus or minus. (rounded)
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You can convert cubic yards to tons by doing a little math. One cubic yard is equal to 0.27 tons. If you have 100 cubic yards, it would be equal to 27 tons. ...
There are 0.27 tons in a cubic yard. One ton would be the equivalent of about 1.3319177 cubic yards. ...
The amount of cubic yards in a ton depends on what material you are using. A ton of gravel is not going to take up as much space as would a ton of balsa wood. ...
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