Formula for Sodium Iodide?


The chemical formula for sodium iodide is NaI. It is a salt that is typically used as a food supplement.
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Formula: NaI.
The formula for Sodium Iodide is R-Cl + NaI ? R-I +
Sodium chloride is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl. We more commonly know sodium chloride as salt or table salt and it is widely used as a food preservative.
1. Put on lab coat, goggles and gloves. None of these chemicals are poisonous, but elemental sodium will eat through your skin and the reaction may spatter as it proceeds. 2. Place
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In terms of chemistry, the chemical formula for sodium iodide is dictated as Nal. This compound is often used as the reactant in a Finkelstein reaction. The CAS ...
Sodium iodide is soluble in water. Its molecular formula is NaI. It has a molar mass of 149.89 g/mol, 3.67 g/cm3 density and 661 å°C, 934 K, 1222 å ...
Iodide is an element similar to iodine except it carries a charge slightly different. It is normally bonded with another element such as sodium or potassium. ...
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