Formula to Calculate Case Mix Index?


To calculate case mix index, start by choosing a duration period for the calculation of CMI. You can either choose a week, a month or a year. Find out the total quantity of DRGs within the time duration you've chosen. Add up the weighs then divide to work out the CMI.
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1. Select a time period to calculate the CMI, such as a week, a month or a year. As an example, calculate a hospital's CMI for a month. 2. Determine the total number of DRGs billed
B=M/H 2 squared so you want body mass = mass in Kg on top of height in meters 2 , E.G. 185cm = 1.85m
Put simply, the Case Mix Index for a facility is a reflection of the utilization of healthcare services that have been provided. It is based on the number of patients and their associated
The CPI is calculated by observing price changes among a wide
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Case mix index (CMI) refers to the standard diagnosis-related group weight for all Medicare volume of a hospital. It can be employed to regulate the average cost ...
To calculate piping weight, find out the thickness of the piping. In the case that the thickness is in inches, the piping weight can be calculated as 5.89*t*(do-t ...
When calculating the case mix index, medical facilities are using this tool to determine the level of wellness or sickness of their patients. The average sickness ...
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