How should you formulate a hypothesis?


According to Evergreen Public Schools, the way to formulate a measurable hypothesis is to create an if, then and because statement in relation to two variables. According to Wesleyan University’s Government Department, the four types of possible hypotheses to create are correlations, causal, directional and null. The type of hypothesis alters the formulation of the hypothesis.

A hypothesis is an observation about the way in which an entity works or behaves. A hypothesis is a proposed relationship that says that if the independent variable behaves in a certain way, then the dependent variable changes in a repeatable way because of a specific relationship. A null hypothesis states that one variable does not have a correlation or causal effect with another variable. A correlation hypothesis states that there is a relationship between the variables, but it is unknown which variable changes the other variable. A directional hypothesis accounts for this change with the addition of a possible positive, negative or negligible relationship between variables. A causal hypothesis explains that an independent variable or variables directly cause the dependent variable in a study. The causal hypothesis includes the “because” statement in the hypothesis.

A hypothesis must be testable to be valid. Researchers construct strong hypotheses after exploration of literature on a topic under consideration before asserting a new relationship.

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How to Formulate a Hypothesis
Most of the time, you formulate a hypothesis when performing experiments or testing theories. The point of the hypothesis is to create a testable statement that you believe may be the result of what you’re testing or researching. A hypothesis... More »
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