What Is Forward and Reverse Biasing?


Forward biasing is such an arrangement in which the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the P end, and negative terminal is connected to N end of P-N junction. Reverse biasing is the reverse of forward biasing. Forward and reverse biasing take place when a diode is connected with a battery.
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This is a characteristics of semiconductor diode {pn junction}In forward biasing here we connect p to positive terminal and n -ve terminal when external voltage is aplied in such
To forward-bias a diode apply the cut-in voltage of 0.65. volts to the input terminal. This will turn on the diode and. an exponential diode current will flow through the diode. To
In diode operation, there are two sides which are conducting electricity. The anode is on one side, and the cathode is on the other side. A positive voltage is connected to the anode
Bias on a PN junction that allows only leakage current (minority carriers) to flow. Positive polarity on the n-type material and negative polarity to the p-type material.
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