Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers?


The founding fathers were democratic reformers in many ways, and were actually perceived as fundamental during their time. They did get a lot of their philosophies of democracy from the education writers, such as Locke, Voltaire and Rousseau. However, many of the founders were relatively kept on giving democratic power and say in the government to the common man, being uncertain that the country would be able to remain stable and orderly if such was the case.
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because they suck pp and they just were bad people.
Why do you say no? The 1st time in human history rights were given to a community of people not by a man or a select group of men but by God Safe guards were put in place so a select
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In that phrase from Federalist 51 , Hamilton and Madison were warning us that since our then yet to-be-adopted Constitution would require the people to govern each other, mistakes
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because they suck pp and they just were bad people. ...
You can debate that the founding fathers were not democratic reformers because at the time, there were far more pressing needs than a democracy. Rather than democratic ...
The democratic reformers are the founding generation of the Democratic movement. They are seen as radicals during their time as they fight for the right of any ...
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