Four Fundamental Operations of Mathematics?


Four fundamental operations of mathematics are addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. They are the basic structure of mathematics. Addition is the combination of two numbers while subtraction is used to find the difference between two numbers. Multiplication is the also used to combine two numbers to get the third while division is the process of discovering how many times one number goes into another.
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Addition (2+2 = 4) Subtraction (4-2 = 2) Multiplication (2*2 = 4) Division (4/2 = 2) The fundamental math operations: 1. Multiplication 2. Division 3. Addition 4. Subtraction
The basic arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction,
then it would still be .. . . addition subtraction multiplication division .. . .. .
99+9/9 which translates to 99+1 (get ur calculators if u want to check, its a tough one *rolls eyes*)
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Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the four fundamental operations in mathematics. From them, you can make other kinds of operations. One ...
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