Four Parts of Electric Circuit?


There are four parts of any electrical circuit. The power source or battery is the first part. The second part is the load or light bulb. The third part is the connecting wires. The fourth part is the control device, which is used to turn the circuit on or off.
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The three essential parts of any electrical circuit are: a. power source. (like a battery or generator) a. load. (like a light bulb or motor) and. connectors. (wires) to join them
An active component in a simple electrical circuit is the power source. This source of voltage may be a battery or an electrical outlet. In the closed loop of a functioning simple
Apart from a well-placed defibrillator in a cardiac emergency, electric shocks are best avoided. The trick is not to become the path of least resistance for an electric current to
This is some arbitrary list made up by your teacher and doesn't exist in the real world, so I'll have to guess... battery, resistor, wire, switch ?
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Four Basic Parts of an Electrical Circuit
Everyday you use electricity in your home for many things. You use electric lights, some of you have electric appliances, your TV, computer and other devices also use electricity. Your stove is probably electric and so is your microwave. You use... More »
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