What is the email address for "Fox and Friends"?


According to Fox News, the email address for "Fox and Friends" is friends@foxnews.com. Viewers can catch "Fox and Friends" every morning at 6 a.m. EST.

As of 2014, the regular weekday hosts of the popular Fox show are Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy. Clayton Morris, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson host during the weekend. Hasselbeck joined the show in 2013, when she replaced Gretchen Carlson. Carlson moved on to start her own mid-day program. Fans responded positively to the change, and "Fox and Friends" increased its ratings by 22 percent. "Fox and Friends" is a conservative program and is often lampooned on such shows as "The Colbert Report" and "Saturday Night Live."

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If you have a TV, you can watch Fox & Friends, and they will TELL you if they want to give you an email. On their website you can click 'email' to send an email. They use different
Their email address is. yourcomments@foxnews.com. For non US residents it is. FOXaroundtheworld@foxnews.com.
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